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2021 Holliston Youth Lacrosse Registration 

Holliston Lacrosse is planning to offer our normal youth programs for both boys and girls in grades K through 8. Safety of the players, volunteers and their families is our number one priority and we will be following ALL state, local and individual league guidelines in regards to COVID-19 protocols and rules adjustments.

If the season is completely canceled again we will issue FULL refunds of HYLA fees. If the season is heavily impacted and the amount of league games is drastically altered from the normal 7 or 8 games, we will issue a partial refund. This will be based on what is actually available for our players and costs associated with pre paid league fees and other expenditures. 

HYLA has issued full season credits based on what was paid for all 2020 registration fees that were not requested to be refunded in the spring. If you paid in full for the 2020 season, and are registering in the same program you should only have to pay the $30 league fees. If you do not see a credit on your account or disagree with the amount credited please contact Bruce Underwood - bunderwood@rcfsalvage.com   

If you do NOT wish for your child to participate in the 2021 season and have a credit on your account and would like a refund please contact Bruce Underwood - bunderwood@rcfsalvage.com

A valid US Lacrosse membership is NO LONGER required for girl participants and girls coaches. You will be charged an additional $30.00 that HYLA is required to pay to the Founders league for insurance coverage. 

**Note, Boys players and Boys coaches will need to go to www.MBYLL.org and complete their registration for MBYLL BEFORE registering with Holliston Youth Lacrosse. I believe you will be directed to the MBYLL site from within our registration system to complete that separate registration.


Uniforms: ***Due to shipping and other unexpected delays that have become normal our vendors are REQUIRING we place ALL uniform orders by JANUARY 31, 2021.***This year and beyond HYLA will be adding an additional step in the registration process where you will be sent a link prior to the season directing you to our vendor where you will need to outfit your player with a uniform for the upcoming season. This is for all NEW participants or anyone that needs a new uniform.

Boys K Clinic players will be provided a practice jersey as a part of their registration.

Register today!

We plan to offer Winter indoor clinics, if possible, and these are included in the registration fee for Spring. There will be a number of age and gender based clinic offerings. Go to some or go to all that you are available for!! It is a great way to get in the flow for the impending season.


Here is a list of our current registration offering:


2021 Girls K thru 2nd Grade Spring Registration

  • Rising Stars: Grade K
  • Grades 1/2

2021 Boys K thru 2nd Grade Spring Registration

  • Rising Stars: Grade K
  • Grades 1/2

2021 Girls 3rd thru 8th Grade Spring Registration 

  • Grades 3/4 
  • Grades 5/6 
  • Grades 7/8

2021 Boys 3rd thru 8th Grade Spring Registration 

  • Grades 3/4 
  • Grades 5/6 
  • Grades 7/8

2021 Coaches Registration

  • All GIRLS Coaches must register and be registered with Founders at www.fgll.org, there is NO need for US Lacrosse membership this year.
  • All BOYS Coaches will only need MBYLL registration, there is no need for US Lacrosse membership for boys coaches.
  • Background checks will be automatic upon completed registration

PLEASE NOTE - In the event the season is drastically impacted or even canceled we will refund a portion or all of registration fees depending on overall impact.

All registration inquiries should be directed to: Dawn Neborsky, dawnmich3@yahoo.com